For over a century, Toro has been a trusted name in outdoor power equipment. The Toro 51977 straight-shaft gas trimmer builds on that legacy with a design that offers strength and flexibility. It accommodates universal weed whacker attachments from a variety of manufacturers. Toro is also notable when it comes to technical support.

The design of the Toro 51977 lends itself to easy handling, especially with features that combat engine vibration and stubborn starting. Its 25.4 cc, two-cycle engine breathes life into any attachment as it consumes fuel from the 18-ounce fuel tank. At 12.5 pounds, this gas trimmer is light enough to easily maneuver around your yard as it destroys unsightly weeds and grass.

Since this grass trimmer uses a two-cycle engine, you need to use an oil and gas mixture for fuel. This grass trimmer uses spring-start technology for easy starting; you can usually start the engine spinning in one or two pulls of the cord, even if the machine has been gathering dust all winter.

The Toro yard trimmer uses many of the popular features you expect from a weed eater. You tap the head on the ground to release more spool to take advantage of the 18-inch cutting swath. The trimmer also has a black plastic debris shield to keep leaves, mud and grass clippings away from your face and clothing.

Your weed eater can be an all-in-one yard care tool if you purchase universal attachments. Since Toro itself does not make trimmer attachments, you can use attachments from most other weed trimmer brands without voiding your warranty. You can decimate undergrowth by replacing the weed eater head with a brush cutter, turn it into a powerful edger or hedge trimmer, or even connect a cultivator for your garden. When you're done with the hard part, you can use a blower to help keep your property nice and tidy. The Toro gas trimmer doesn't come with a harness or the ability to become a power sweeper.

You can handle maintenance problems by perusing the free manual online. You can also take your weed eater to a service center, or call or email the company directly. When you buy the product from an eligible dealer, it comes standard with a three-year warranty. The driveshaft on Toro trimmers does not carry an additional warranty.

Toro Gas Trimmer Summary:

The Toro 51977 straight-shaft gas trimmer is easy to start and use. It does not have a four-cycle engine or a shoulder strap, but the weed whacker itself has value. With its strengths and support options, this Toro gas trimmer performs well. However, there are better trimmers if you want the full range of conveniences.

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Toro Gas Trimmer 51977

This Toro trimmer can use attachments from other manufacturers without voiding its warranty.

The trimmer requires a gas and oil mixture as its fuel source and it doesn't come with a harness or accept sweeper attachments.

The Verdict:

The Toro 51977 is a reliable machine that offers universal attachments and easy handling, but it lacks some convenience features.