The Echo SRM-225 weed whacker is popular among lawn-care professionals and weekend yard-work warriors alike. The machine packs more cutting power than competing weed whackers, even though its 21cc, two-cycle engine is on the small side. The Echo trimmer is therefore lighter to carry than the competition, weighing in at only 12.6 pounds. The machine also has a reputation for starting reliably and ease of use in spooling nylon line. You will pay for the high quality of this power tool, but it will last for years to come with minimal maintenance requirements.

The Echo trimmer is the most recent in a line of weed whackers from the brand. This straight-shafted model comes standard with a dual-line exit at the head, so you can get your trimming done in half the time. It also comes with a bump feed system that is praised industry-wide for working dependably. Like many competing models, the Echo trimmer also comes with a black plastic debris shield to keep flying green waste off your face and clothes. The shield is relatively small, so we recommend adding safety glasses and steel-toed boots to your yard-work clothing ensemble when you use this weed whacker.

You can't adjust the height of the Echo SRM-225 weed whacker because both the shaft and handle are set in place. This power tool also lacks head-rotation capability, so don't use it to trim edges around sidewalks and driveways. Turning the whole trimmer at an angle to make edging possible can cause the fuel lines to fill up without reaching the engine for combustion. Another solution, if you have only a small amount of edging to do, is to turn the Echo trimmer at an angle only when its see-through fuel tank is full.

There's no question that the Echo trimmer's best feature is its rapid grass and weed trimming capability. The machine can slice through unwanted growth with a 17-inch-wide cutting swath. The heaviest weeds can bog down its 21.2cc engine, but the machine will never stop working completely like some of its less-expensive competitors.

Furthermore, the Echo trimmer will be easy to use throughout its lifetime. You must mix gas and oil to power the two-cycle engine, but as long as you use 89-octane fuel, the trimmer will start up and run quickly and efficiently without filling your lungs with burning smoke. You will need tools to replace the line, but the task is remarkably easy in comparison with other models. The Echo trimmer includes easy-start and anti-vibration technology.

Unfortunately, you can't fit the Echo straight-shaft trimmer with attachments other than a harness that costs around $17 and loops across your shoulders. This means that you can't use the weed whacker's powerful engine for cutting brush, trimming hedges, cultivating a vegetable garden, sawing high tree branches or blowing and sweeping to clean up your mess. Most competing weed whackers have a brush blade at minimum.

Echo SRM-225 Summary:

The quality of Echo's craftsmanship is apparent in its five-year consumer warranty. However, all engines eventually need servicing and repair. When you run into trouble with the Echo SRM-225, you can call or visit service centers, peruse a free online manual or send an email to the manufacturer for help. The Echo trimmer is truly a top-shelf consumer model that can double as a professional tool. You will almost certainly make up for the extra money you pay for it a few summers down the road when your Echo weed whacker is still running like a champ.


Echo SRM-225

The Echo trimmer is powerful for its weight, sturdy, easy to start and easy to use.

The only available attachment is a harness, and the trimmer cannot edge around sidewalks.

The Verdict
: 6/10

This semi-professional tool is more expensive than competing models, but it will serve your trimming needs for years to come.