Bolens by MTD Southwest Inc. offers a selection of budget weed whackers suited for grass trimming and that alone. The Bolens BL160 comes with many popular features, but it is difficult to start if you don't have much experience with small engines.

The BL160 comes equipped with a 25 cc, two-cycle engine. This engine requires you to mix gas and oil in order for it to run correctly. Even if you follow the directions in the user manual, you may have trouble starting this weed whacker. It helps to pump the carburetor button several times and start the machine halfway before opening the choke fully. Then, let the machine run for three to five minutes to warm up.

This unit has a tiny 10-ounce fuel tank, which makes it best for small yards, but it requires frequent refueling if you have a larger property. This weed trimmer weighs in at 11 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest in our review. You can cut 16-inch swaths with its spinning head. If you have a small suburban lot that only needs trimming every few weeks, this weed whacker will perform sufficiently.

The trimmer head has dual line exits to double its cutting power. The weed whacker also comes with a trigger-control mechanism, bump-feed mechanism for new string and a debris shield to protect your feet and clothing from flying grass and weeds. You may be prone to muscle strain if you use this yard trimmer for an extended time, as it lacks an anti-vibration function.

This weed eater falls short of competing models in its attachment capabilities. Since this gas trimmer accepts no attachments, it is limited to chopping light weeds and tall grass. If you can hold the grass trimmer at an angle, though, you might be able to edge it around sidewalks and driveways.

Even though the quality of this machine lacks in some areas, Bolens does a decent job with its technical support. It provides a two-year warranty on the BL160, which covers most of the manufacturing defects and problems that you may have. For help with this unit, you can take it to an appropriate service center, read the online manual, or call or email MTD Southwest Inc.

Bolens Trimmer Summary:

If you decide to buy the Bolens BL160, we recommend carefully reading and following the included instructions. If you are inexperienced with small engines, or lack the time and energy to master a temperamental machine, this weed whacker may not be right for you.


Bolens Trimmer BL160

The Bolens BL160 comes with decent customer support and some of the most popular features.

This trimmer doesn't support landscaping attachments or have an anti-vibration feature.

The Verdict:

The Bolens BL160 is suited for small properties and occasional use only.