The Bolens Gas String Trimmer is one of the least expensive models we reviewed. It comes standard with many popular features but has a reputation for being difficult to start for operators with little small-engine experience. This power tool also has a reputation for stalling and dying while in use, but that problem might be solvable by masterful use of the power tool's complicated carburetor system. If you're looking for a reliable string trimmer that will be easy to use and easy to service, it might be wise to consider purchasing one from our list of the best weed whackers.

The Bolens String Trimmer features a dual line exit head, so it works twice as fast as comparable electric models with only one exit point for spinning nylon string. The Bolens weed whacker also comes with a trigger-control mechanism, bump-feed mechanism for new string and a debris shield to protect your feet and clothing from flying grass and weeds.

On the downside, The Bolens string trimmer was designed in such a way that you can't rotate its spinning head to use it as an edger. Furthermore, you can't adjust the length of the shaft to fit your height, so you may have to bend over to use it comfortably.

Fortunately, the curved shaft of the Bolens string trimmer makes it easier to use than its straight-shaft counterparts because the balance is better between the 25cc engine on one end and the cutting head at the other. The design of the Bolens trimmer is also to thank for its relatively light weight of only 10.6 pounds. Its manufacturer, MTD, does not publish the fuel capacity or shaft length of the Bolens curved-shaft model.

Many users report having trouble starting the Bolens weed whacker despite following the directions in the owner's manual. This is true in spite of the fact that Bolens claims to use easy-start technology for the machine. Operators who did start and use the Bolens string trimmer successfully did so by pumping the carburetor button several times and starting the machine halfway before opening the choke fully. Then, they let the machine run for three to five minutes to warm up.

Be aware that you need to mix oil and gas to fuel the engine for it to run properly. Also, avoid using gasoline with more than 16 percent ethanol in your Bolens trimmer. Breaking this rule will void its two-year consumer warranty.

Once you get the Bolens string trimmer fired up, you can cut 16-inch swaths with its spinning head. That represents the smallest girth of all the weed whackers we reviewed. However, if you have a small suburban lot that only needs trimming every few weeks, the Bolens weed whacker will perform sufficiently.

This weed whacker falls short of competing models in its attachment capabilities or, in this case, its lack thereof. If you can hold the trimmer at an angle, you might be able to use it to edge around sidewalks and driveways. However, you can't put an edging blade on the power tool. The Bolens string trimmer accepts no attachments and is therefore limited to chopping light weeds and tall grass.

Bolens Gas String Trimmer Summary:

The Bolens Gas String Trimmer comes at a low price, but saving money by buying it is likely to result in significant hassle down the road, at best. At worst, your Bolens string trimmer will be so hard to use that it might as well be dysfunctional. If you decide on this model, we recommend reading and following the included instructions very carefully. If you are inexperienced with small engines or lack the time and energy to fix a temperamental machine, we can't recommend this weed whacker.

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Bolens Gas String Trimmer BL110

This trimmer is inexpensive and comes with a curved shaft for easier operation.

The Bolens trimmer is hard to start; once it's running, it chokes and dies easily.

The Verdict
: 4.1/10

You won't save money on this model if you have to replace it after one or two uses.